CRM & Case Management Solutions

A Catalyst-implemented CRM or case management solution goes well beyond tracking leads and reporting on the sales pipeline. We’re committed to empowering your team to do more, faster, and with better results.

Our award-winning team will tap into the endless configuration options offered by the cloud, as well as integrate with your trusty third-party applications, to make sure this CRM/case management solution is distinctly yours.

Among the benefits of a modern CRM/case management solution are paper-free, automated, processes that save time and effort; a centralized place to house all data so nothing falls through the cracks; and quicker onboarding of new team members.

311 Solutions

We’re fueled every day to build technology that fosters stronger relationships between public sector and people and keeps our communities safe, clean, and accessible.

A modern 311 solution is the vehicle that makes this all possible.

Let’s make it convenient for constituents to contact you by enabling them to report issues through a mobile app, dedicated website, email, phone, and even their favorite social network. Infuse transparency into your relationship with these folks by letting them track their request as it progresses to resolution, as well as offering self-service options.

Empower your staff to make data-driven decisions to provide better service.

Even tap into the power of artificial intelligence to speed up repetitive tasks, eliminate duplicate records, and make recommendations to improve operations.

In turn, you’ll see boosts in agent productivity, morale and constituent satisfaction.

Custom Application Development

There isn't a perfect off-the-shelf solution that will meet your needs? No problem - developing custom applications is a large part of what we do.

Our custom application development can be applied to any platform - mobile, web, cross-platform, and enterprise-level - to help transform the way your business interacts with technology, while being mindful of security and accessibility throughout the entire process.

Business Process Re-Engineering

“We’ve always done it that way.”

“We make it work for us.”

“It’s too late to change now.”

These are phrases we hear all too often. But as your organization grows, the old way of doing things may not meet the mark anymore, especially as technology changes.

Streamlined business processes are critical to fostering a productive and collaborative work environment.

Our Solution Architects will get to know your way of doing things through interviews and shadow sessions. We’ll assess your current processes through the lens of industry standards and best practices, find gaps and pain points, and unpack your long-term goals.

From there, we’ll develop a roadmap that aligns your business processes with your future vision and enables you to modernize.

IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security

It’s a complex balance. You need to protect data while also preserving the flexibility to work efficiently.

Data security exists on a spectrum, and we’re happy to consult on it all: from advising on safe password practices to intrusion detection systems, risk and threat analysis, vulnerability scanning, authentication and authorization, security incident monitoring, PCI compliance, and disaster preparation and recovery.

We work with several clients handling sensitive information – from our friends in healthcare to aviation to higher education to government – and we’re confident in our methodologies.

We have a perfect track record - our solutions have never been breached.

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions are more secure, scalable, customizable, cost-effective, and mobile-friendly than their on-premises counterparts. But we know that moving everything you depend on from on-premises to the cloud can seem like a daunting task.

Our Infrastructure team members can make your ascent into the cloud as smooth as possible.

We’ll help you map the pros and cons of moving your services to the cloud. We can get you set up to manage your own solutions or host them for you, if you're not ready. And when you do make the switch, we'll help you avoid the migration pitfalls.

Web Design & CMS Solutions

We solve problems for a living, and the solutions we develop are not only functional but visually-appealing.

We firmly believe design is part art, part science. It’s a blending of different schools of thought to create something to not just be enjoyed, but to solve problems in the most effective manner.

If you spend more time getting your content up and looking great than you do creating it, you're not alone. Form and function have to co-exist, and Catalyst is the glue that brings them together.

We’re also well-versed in accessibility guidelines and developing multilingual public-facing applications to maximize engagement with your content.

Marketing Automation

Our Marketing subject matter experts sit at the intersection of communications and IT.

We not only implement email, SMS, and social media management tools, but we advise on how to take the most advantage of them, as informed by our backgrounds in journalism, public relations, public policy, and advertising.

Our Marketing team takes the time to understand your company values and goals, so we can best ensure your brand permeates all communication channels.

With our cutting-edge solutions, we can connect with more people in your target market and help get your message across quickly, all without compromising the personalization your base expects and deserves.