Today, Catalyst is pleased to unveil our #WomenInTech Tuesday campaign! We’re thrilled to kick off this initiative that showcases the talent and spirit of the ladies of Catalyst. 

Starting things off is Komal Shah, one of Catalyst’s Software Developers based at the Chicago Department of Aviation. Komal believes that the first step to producing great work is to love what you do. It is for this reason that she thrives off the challenges presented to developers like herself. She enjoys that software development is an ever-evolving field that allows for continuous learning, and she remarks that this constant learning is facilitated by Catalyst’s inviting atmosphere and support from other friendly faces at the company. 

Outside of work hours, you can find Komal playing tennis, painting, or finding her next travel destination. 

Komal urges STEM workplaces to celebrate the diversity on their team, pushing a step beyond simply having women’s representation on board. 

You are an inspiration to us, Komal! Keep on shining.